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Esta pelicula es el ejemplo mismo de lo que esta pasando hoy en los Estado Unidos. La cual se esta conviertiendo cada dia en un Estado Vigilante. No solo vea la pelicual ponga atencion al mensaje.

This is exactly what is happening in America. It has become a Survelliance/Police State where every movement is tracked down by your GPS, your mobile phone, by survelliance cameras in the streets, malls, etc. Pay close attention to the message of this movie.

The Right to Remain Silent (5th Amendment., US Constitution)


the law has changed after Salinas vs. Texas

Now, to be able to use your right to remain silent, you have to actually INVOKE the 5th Amendement. Otherwise, you might be found guilty. Basis for being guilty? your silence.

To read the case go to:

You can also read this article at: or the Champion Magazine with title: Silence is not longer Golden: How lawyers must now advice suspects in light of Salinas v. Texas. Article written by: Neal Davis and Dick Deguerin in the January/ February 2014 edition.

 Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion, not to be considered  legal advice. If you need the assistance of an attorney please contact one. 

Yo Puedo de Ben Sweetland Audiolibro] (High)

Me gusta mucho este Audio Book. Me imagino que a muchos les gustara. Ojala hubiera mas de libros de audio de este escritor.

Especialmente porque nos ayuda a pensar en como podemos lograr el exito. Me gusta que dice que "Lo unico que necesitamos es cambiar nuestros pensamientos para ser exitosos."