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Traveling for US Citizens New Law 2009

Next year in 2009, you will need a new passport card (like a credit card, but it will contain all your personal information) to travel in and out of the United States. Go to my link to read more about this new law.

Remember it is your responsibility as a United States citizen or a foreign citizen to be informed about existing laws, or new laws that might affect or benefit you in the long run.

Happy New Year 2009!

Keeping Up with Finances


I know most of us are trying to keep up with our finances. I think it is important to educate ourselves and made better financial decisions. I love to read Kiplinger magazine, and Money magazine. They are my favorites because they always give me a better financial insight. I disagree from time to time with certain articles or suggestions, which I believe we ought to do.

I hope you enjoy this new journey to understand your finances and how to improve your life and provide the best that is within you to your family, friends, co-workers, and all those people that are an influence in your life.

God Bless us all as we move into a new year.

How to be an assistant?

Be a Kickass Assistant: by Heather Beckel (Book)

Definition: Assistant
“A person who assists” (Webster’s dictionary)

The skills necessary to be a good assistant will serve you throughout your professional career: organization, diplomacy, problem solving, prioritizing, time management, and communication.

Learn what it takes to become an executive
Learn how the company works

Take every advantage to impress upon everyone your willingness to do any job and to do that job better anyone else does.

Keep your eyes open for mentors and continually seek them out
Look for people you admire
Cultivate friendships
The more you know about the place you work for, the better you’ll be at your current job
Know the company and its product and services


The ability to take control without taking over
Attention to detail
The initiative to solve problems
Getting satisfaction from being indispensable and in service to someone
Communication skills
The ability to s…

Being a Boss

The Girl’s guide to being a boss
By: Caitlin Friedman

Create a to do list
Set goals
Stick to deadlines
Keep your word
Get it in writing
Be proactive about everything you do

Here are some of the key things you should be ready, willing and able to provide:

Clear vision

Delegate a clear assignment and set a deadline
You are not there to be anyone’s friend. You are in the leadership role to provide the tools and environment that your team needs to accomplish their goals.

Everyone has something valuable to offer
Delegate responsibilities and trust that the task will get done
Your personality
Do not micromanage ( over control )