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Renovacion de Consideracion de Accion Diferida (DACA)

WASHINGTON, D.C. - El Servicio de Ciudadanía e Inmigración de Estados Unidos (USCIS, por sus siglas en inglés) anunció hoy que efectivo inmediatamente comenzará a aceptar solicitudes de Consideración de Acción Diferida para los Llegados en la Infancia. El 15 de junio, la Secretaria del Departamento de Seguridad Nacional, Janet Napolitano, anunció que ciertas personas que vinieron a los Estados Unidos siendo niños y cumplen con otros criterios pueden solicitar, en una base caso por caso, recibir la acción diferida
Para más información acerca de USCIS y sus programas, por favor visite, o síganos en Twitter (@uscis_es), YouTube (/uscis) y el blog en inglés de USCIS The Beacon.

credits: DHS website-

DOJ Re-Launching Unit To Fight Domestic Terrorism

DOJ Re-Launching Unit To Fight Domestic Terrorism

This is kind of interesting since it seems that the DOJ department is thinking that every American and/or non-American living in US Soil are potential terrorists.  It is not a surprise then to see a massive increase in survelliance cameras, NSA spying on American's emails, facebook accounts, telephone conversations, etc, etc. What about your cell phone giving away your position via GPS coordinates?

Maybe, there is more to the story. What about if this is related to the DOMA act, which clearly indicates that Americans can be detained and confined to prison without due process of law.... Oh what about the recent case law (Texas v. Salinas) where your 5th amendment rights is said to be non-existent now, unless you invoked it. If you don't invoke your right and remain silent, you can be held guilty even when a court of justice has not found you guilty.  This Salinas case clearly takes away the protections that the US Constitution cle…

News Wrap: U.S. to increase military presence in Europe

News Wrap: U.S. to increase military presence in Europe

Americans do not need to pay for European needs and/for their troops needs. They can raise the money themselves to help their troops. Americans are facing a major economic crisis at home.  It is interesting that we have 1 billion dollars to give away, when our Country is facing huge umployment, and big financial lost for industries, private corporations.  American families are losing their American dream, their homes and are increasingly entering into huge financial debt to keep afloat.  Our Government SHOULD NOT give away our TAX PAYER's money, that is American money from American families.  European Governments can bail themselves out.  It is thier duty to protect their own country and their people. It is not an American duty to save Europeans.

Los Americanos no necesitamos pagar por las necesidades de las tropas Europeas, ni por sus necesidades.  Ellos pueden ayudarse a si mismos y sus tropas. Los Americanos estamos siendo…