Wednesday, October 29, 2014

TPS extended for Hondurans October 16, 2014

Release Date: October 16, 2014

WASHINGTON—Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson has extended Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for eligible nationals of Honduras for an additional 18 months, effective Jan. 6, 2015, through July 5, 2016.
Current TPS Honduras beneficiaries seeking to extend their TPS must re-register during the 60-day re-registration period that runs from Oct. 16, 2014 through Dec. 15, 2014. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) encourages beneficiaries to re-register as soon as possible once the 60-day re-registration period begins. USCIS will not accept applications before Oct. 16, 2014.
The 18-month extension also allows TPS re-registrants to apply for a new Employment Authorization Document (EAD). Eligible TPS Honduras beneficiaries (or persons without nationality who last habitually resided in Honduras) who re-register during the 60-day period and request a new EAD will receive one with an expiration date of July 5, 2016.

TPS para Hondurenos Extension Octubre 16, 2014

EXTENSION DE TPS PARA HONDURAS - Fecha del Comunicado 10-16-2014

Amigos Centro Americanos, especialmente de Honduras. El Departamento de Inmigracion de Los Estados Unidos extendio el programa de Proteccion Temporal conocido como TPS por otros 18 meses efectivo desde el 6 de enero de 2015 al 5 de julio de 2016.

Los actuales beneficiarios de Honduras que buscan extender su TPS deben reinscribirse durante el periodo de 60 días para la reinscripción que transcurre desde el 16 de octubre de 2014 hasta el 15 de dicimbre de 2014.

Si usted conoce alguien que necesita Re-incribirse al programa porfavor digales que ya lo comienzen a procesar.  Si tiene amigos o parientes Hondurenos insteles a reinscribirse a este beneficio, ya que como muchos saben el Presidente Obama ha sido uno de los presidentes que ha autorizado deportar mas inmigrantes durante todo su mandato.

Asi, que ya lo saben, si dejan escapar su oportunidad de reinscripcion sera dificil para usted, ya que no se mira en el horizonte ninguna forma de Reforma migratoria.  Ahora si tiene familiares que lo pueden pedir, pues tambien acesorese muy bien con un Abogado de Inmigracion para que pueda calificar y llenar todos los requisitos.

De otra manera, el TPS es por ahora el unico medio para los inmigrantes de Honduras.

Ahora si usted tiene un  familiar que pueda ayudarlo a emigrar de otra  forma de proceso migratorio es bueno. Pero asegurese de tener su TPS en vigencia, mientras pueda calificar para otro (os) programas de inmigracion por medio de familiares que tengan residencia, ciudadania, o por medio de matrimonio, o de labor, etc.

NOTA: Todos mis comentarios son sugerencias, no es ningun tipo de consejo legal ni practica de leyes.

Un estrecho que conecte Rusia y Estados Unidos

Bueno amigos encontre este articulo tan interesante. Espero les guste.  Pienso que seria interesante el saber si es posible que esto se materialize, ya que veo dificil eso de escabar el  estrecho de Bering, pero bueno en el mundo de hoy con tanta technologia y equipo computarizado, todo es posible.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The SEC as Prosecutor and Judge

To begin with the obvious, executive-branch agencies like the SEC are not courts established under Article III of the Constitution. These agencies exercise legislative power through rule-making and executive power through prosecution, but the Constitution gives them no judicial power to decide cases and controversies—especially not the very cases they are prosecuting. Executive agencies usurp that judicial power when they shunt penal law-enforcement prosecutions into their own captive administrative hearings.

Nearly 70 years ago, the Administrative Procedures Act established today's system of quasi-judicial tribunals overseen by administrative law judges. But these tribunals are not courts, and the administrative law judges are not life-tenured judicial officers appointed under Article III of the Constitution. They are executive-branch employees who conduct hearings at the direction of agency leaders following procedural rules dictated by the agencies themselves.

Administrative hearings also do not have juries, even when severe financial penalties and forfeitures are demanded. And because these hearings are nominally civil rather than criminal, guilt is determined by a mere preponderance of the evidence—the lightest evidentiary burden known to modern law—rather than beyond reasonable doubt. In short, while administrative prosecutions create the illusion of a fair trial, and while administrative law judges generally strive to appear impartial, these proceedings afford defendants woefully inadequate due process.
More important, the proceedings violate the Constitution's separation of powers. Every phase of the proceeding, and every government official involved, is controlled by the agency in its role as chief prosecutor. The SEC assigns and directs a team of employees to prosecute the case. It assigns another employee, the administrative law judge, to decide guilt or innocence and to impose sanctions. Appeals must be taken to the same SEC commissioners who launched the prosecution, and their decision is typically written by still other SEC employees.
credits to: The Wall Street Journal Online by Russell G. Ryan

The IRS targeting Churches

Wow! I think that Americans should start looking around and finding out that little by little our freedoms are being taken away.  I wonder why there is so much secrecy among Government agencies not wanting to disclose important facts like this one to the American Public.  I also wonder why the big TV Channels and Radio Stations are silence and not advertising and airing these important news!

CNN, ABC, NBC and all the others should start airing all these news, aren't they interested in protecting the rights of their viewers? would that not be important and out of the ordinary news? I think they can have big ratings if they do, after all that is what is most important for them. VIEWERS and RATING which translates into MONEY.

NSA Tried to Delete Court Transcript

Redaction? Deleting the Clerk's Transcritp? Non-Sense! It seems there is more to the story to me than what the NSA is trying to delete/ redact/ not show to the public? I praise Judge White for standing up and protecting our Constitutional Rights. I hope he gets a Congressional Award for protecting American Liberties. Thank you Judge White and don't be afraid to protect your fellow citizens because you were elected to the Bench to protect the Law of the Land.  

I think what the American Public does not realize is that the Current White House Administration is trying to intimidate our Judges, not only at the local level but at the Supreme Court Level.  They know that if they can silence the Supreme Court Judges then they have won a great victory and America would have fallen prey of a Dictatorship government because all of the Constitutional Protections for all Citizens would been taken away forever.  The Three Branches of Government would ceased to exist and now a new form of Tyranny or Dictatorship would be the result of a political take over, if we let One man and his friends to rule and change America. Our Founding Father's would be the first ones standing up to this non-sense! 

These are  important issues we All should be viligant.  Everyone in America should be against any form of government that wants to rule over us by abolishing our freedoms.  

The 10 Commandments Historic Monument Must Go

I guess, they have the right to appeal the decision. It is very strange that people would be offended and be against a "Historic Symbol or Monument." I guess the Ten Commandments monument was there for 4 years and nobody had indicated they were disgusted by it in the past. So, I think most people are ok with it being on a City Hall. Does that matter in the Judge's Ruling? Is the Judge part ot the practicing religion of the offended people? I would like to know.

Maybe the ACLJ organization should help the defendant's appeal the case.  I think the 10 Commandments Historic Monument Should Stay Put. Just because I don't like something does not mean it should be taken down.  Most people say now days they are tolerant so i think we can be tolerant about this religious monument. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Renovacion de Consideracion de Accion Diferida (DACA)

WASHINGTON, D.C. - El Servicio de Ciudadanía e Inmigración de Estados Unidos (USCIS, por sus siglas en inglés) anunció hoy que efectivo inmediatamente comenzará a aceptar solicitudes de Consideración de Acción Diferida para los Llegados en la Infancia. El 15 de junio, la Secretaria del Departamento de Seguridad Nacional, Janet Napolitano, anunció que ciertas personas que vinieron a los Estados Unidos siendo niños y cumplen con otros criterios pueden solicitar, en una base caso por caso, recibir la acción diferida
Para más información acerca de USCIS y sus programas, por favor visite, o síganos en Twitter (@uscis_es), YouTube (/uscis) y el blog en inglés de USCIS The Beacon.

credits: DHS website-

Thursday, June 12, 2014

United States of Secrets Part Two

Very important video about the NSA and how they got to collect data from each individual in the US.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Desde la sombra (E55). Barack Obama: Los puntos oscuros

Daniel Estulin escribio el libro titulado "La Verdadera Historia del Grupo Bilderberg." Su padre reportaba noticias que nadie mas se atrevia, lo cual le costo la vida. Ahora, Daniel expone temas que nadie mas se atreve a reportar. Aqui un ejemplo de ello.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

DOJ Re-Launching Unit To Fight Domestic Terrorism

DOJ Re-Launching Unit To Fight Domestic Terrorism

This is kind of interesting since it seems that the DOJ department is thinking that every American and/or non-American living in US Soil are potential terrorists.  It is not a surprise then to see a massive increase in survelliance cameras, NSA spying on American's emails, facebook accounts, telephone conversations, etc, etc. What about your cell phone giving away your position via GPS coordinates?

Maybe, there is more to the story. What about if this is related to the DOMA act, which clearly indicates that Americans can be detained and confined to prison without due process of law.... Oh what about the recent case law (Texas v. Salinas) where your 5th amendment rights is said to be non-existent now, unless you invoked it. If you don't invoke your right and remain silent, you can be held guilty even when a court of justice has not found you guilty.  This Salinas case clearly takes away the protections that the US Constitution clearly grants to every person in US Soil. 

Spanish Version

Es interesante que el departamento de Justicia piense de que cada Americano o ciudadano extranjero que vive en los Estados Unidos sea un potencial terrorista. No es una sorpresa mirar el masivo crecimiento de vigilancia por medio de camaras, la NSA espiando las conversaciones de email, de telefono, las conversaciones en facebook, etc. Y que tal su telefono mobil dando sus cordinadas y localizacion por medio del sistema de posicion (GPS System)? 

Talvez hay mas detalles acerca de esta historia. Que tal si esta historia tiene algo que ver con el Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) que fue pasado recientemente el los Estados Unidos donde este Bil de ley expecifica que cualquier Estaudidense puede ser detenido y llevado a prision sin haver sido convicto o en contrado culpable por la corte de justicia, sin derecho a un juicio, (lo que consideramos en (USA como el Due Process of Law). Y el caso de Texas v. Salinas donde usted tiene que invocar la 5th enmienda de la Constitucion o si no lo hace puede ser encontrado culpable por permanecer callado, aun cuando la Constitucion Americana garantiza que la 5th Enmienda protege a los ciudados automaticamente ya sea que pida o exija la protecion de esta enmienda o no. Pero Salinas dice lo contrario, lo cual hace un precedente de que la persona ya no tiene estas garantias Constitucionales basado en esta ley.  

Disclaimer: Everything stated in this message is for informative purposes. This message does not convey any legal practice of law. Please hire an attorney if you need such help. 

News Wrap: U.S. to increase military presence in Europe

News Wrap: U.S. to increase military presence in Europe

Americans do not need to pay for European needs and/for their troops needs. They can raise the money themselves to help their troops. Americans are facing a major economic crisis at home.  It is interesting that we have 1 billion dollars to give away, when our Country is facing huge umployment, and big financial lost for industries, private corporations.  American families are losing their American dream, their homes and are increasingly entering into huge financial debt to keep afloat.  Our Government SHOULD NOT give away our TAX PAYER's money, that is American money from American families.  European Governments can bail themselves out.  It is thier duty to protect their own country and their people. It is not an American duty to save Europeans.

Los Americanos no necesitamos pagar por las necesidades de las tropas Europeas, ni por sus necesidades.  Ellos pueden ayudarse a si mismos y sus tropas. Los Americanos estamos siendo confrontados con una crisis financiera en casa.  Es interesante que tenemos 1 billon de dolares para donar, cuando nuestro pais tiene grandes alzas de desempleo, y perdidas financieras severas por las empresas privadas, y corporaciones Estadounidenses.  Las familias Americanas estan perdiendo su sueno Americano, sus casas y estan obteniendo grandes deudas para poder sobrevivir.  Nuestro gobierno NO debe dar nuestro dinero, el dinero de los comtribuentes de impuestos, es DINERO AMERICANO, de las familias Americanas.  Los gobiernos europeos pueden ayudarse asi mismos.  Es su llamado de proteger su pais y su gente.  No es la responsabilidad de los Americanos si no de los Europeos.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Esta pelicula es el ejemplo mismo de lo que esta pasando hoy en los Estado Unidos. La cual se esta conviertiendo cada dia en un Estado Vigilante. No solo vea la pelicual ponga atencion al mensaje.

This is exactly what is happening in America. It has become a Survelliance/Police State where every movement is tracked down by your GPS, your mobile phone, by survelliance cameras in the streets, malls, etc. Pay close attention to the message of this movie.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Right to Remain Silent (5th Amendment., US Constitution)


the law has changed after Salinas vs. Texas

Now, to be able to use your right to remain silent, you have to actually INVOKE the 5th Amendement. Otherwise, you might be found guilty. Basis for being guilty? your silence.

To read the case go to:

You can also read this article at: or the Champion Magazine with title: Silence is not longer Golden: How lawyers must now advice suspects in light of Salinas v. Texas. Article written by: Neal Davis and Dick Deguerin in the January/ February 2014 edition.

 Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion, not to be considered  legal advice. If you need the assistance of an attorney please contact one. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Cam y su Familia vol.1

La Continuacion de la predicacion por la Evangelista: Maria Funes.

Cam y su Familia Vol.2

Trasmitido en vivo.

Yo Puedo de Ben Sweetland Audiolibro] (High)

Me gusta mucho este Audio Book. Me imagino que a muchos les gustara. Ojala hubiera mas de libros de audio de este escritor.

Especialmente porque nos ayuda a pensar en como podemos lograr el exito. Me gusta que dice que "Lo unico que necesitamos es cambiar nuestros pensamientos para ser exitosos."

Friday, January 31, 2014

OBAMA CARE BILL que Pasara en 03/23/2013?

Aqui hay mas informacion acerca de el bill de Salud firmado por Presidente Obama. Hagan sus propias decisiones, informese!

Here it is more information about Obamacare Bill. Stay informed and make your own decisions!

Implantable Class II Device "OBAMACARE" Bill (microchip implantable)

Bueno aqui unas de las muchas sorpresas del bill de la Salud firmado por el Presidente Obama y amigos. 
Se recuerdan que Nancy Pelosi dijo, "Tenemos que pasar el Bill para que pudan saber que hay en el."
Que interesante que nunca le dijeron al Pueblo Americano que estan tratando de ponerles implantes de microchip (como el sistema de GPS, que indica adonde se encuentra a cada momento), como los implantes que hacen con los animales, por ejemplo los perros. 

Bueno, ustedes decidan por si mismos, las razones por las cuales mintieron y no dijeron de las pequenas sorpresas de la Ley de Salud. 

I am glad there are many other people searching about this bill and what it is all about. An implanted microchip that is for humans control. You guys remember Nancy Pelosi stating, "we got to pass this Bill so you can find out what's in it." very interesting, they never told the American people about this DEVICE II that works like a microchip and that will be required under this law. So we are finding what's in it? 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Miembros del Grupo Bilderberg ( He Escuchado de Ellos)

Que interesante que muchos nombres de estos participantes son tan influyentes en nuestros Gobiernos, Entidades de Agencias Privadas y Gubernamentales. Los mas interesante, es que los Americanos, y muchos alrededor del mundo nisiquiera saben de la Existencia de Este Grupo Bilderberg, y mucho menos de sus participantes los cuales son influyentes en la politica, economia, y vida social de todos los que habitamos el planeta Tierra.

Bueno, ustedes saquen sus conclusiones, y analizen porque no sabemos nada de Ellos y de lo que planean? Por que tanto secretismo en sus actividades y reuniones??

Club Bilderberg Noticias

Este es un articulo acerca de este grupo de personas de influencia y riqueza que se reunen a puerta cerrada, en secreto para discutir los planes que tienen para dirigir la politica, economia, religiones, educacion, estudian la sicologia del comportamiento humano, y usan los advances technologicos para poder controlar la humanidad, la cultura, la religion, la conducta humana, la vida diaria, las medicinas, la transportacion, y cada una de las actividades personales de los individuas, tambien influencian en las noticias que debemos escuchar, ya que ellos son los duenos de todos las cadenas de radio, television, cable, internet, etc, etc. Que interesante que nunca escuchamos de este grupo en nuestros medios de comunicacion, y politicos que se reunen en secreto con ellos?? Sera que planean algo que la HUMANIDAD NO DEBERIA SABER, y si es asi, PORQUE??? CUAL SON LOS FINES DE SUS PLANES???

Thursday, January 23, 2014


I have seen those stickers on mailboxes, sidewalks, and trees. Very interesting...

He visto estos stickers (botones) de colores en las cajas de correo, tambien marcas de X or V de colores en las banquetas de las calles o casas. Muy interesante. Ya he visto estas marcas en differentes ciudades de Los Angeles, CA.

January 2014 Breaking News 800 FEMA Camps USA ran by Homeland security f...

Indefinite/ prolong detention / legitimate legal frame work for Prolong detention??

A system which involves Judicial and Congress oversight?

A constructive Legal Regime?

Poner en Detencion Indefinitiva? Sin tener un juicio legal, sin haber sido encontrado culpable bajo la Constitucion? Suena Interesante que nuestro Presidente diga tales cosas.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Breaking News --- Fema Camps 2013 --- It's Getting Serious!

Martial Law? signed without votes. What is this? Our politicians are above the law and the citizens who voted into office to become our rulers! Crazy!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fema Camps 2013

Very interesting...

FEMA El Gobierno Secreto/ FEMA The Secret Government

Quien podria decir que esta Agencia de gobierno tenga mucho mas poder que la Constitucion misma de los Estados Unidos, y que ignoren totalmente al Congreso y lod derechos de los ciudadanos dados por la Constitucion y El Bill of Rights.

Who knew this agency has more power than the US Constitution, and Congress. This agency invalidates the protections given to ALL citizens by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

This agency is even worse than the NSA (National Security Agency).

Please read ALL THE EXECUTIVE ORDERS listed in this website so you discover all the power FEMA has over citizens like you and me.


By Harry V. Martin with research assistance from David Caul
Copyright FreeAmerica and Harry V. Martin, 1995

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