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Bailing Yourself Out

It is frustrating to know that so many people have so much hope in the Government bailing them out. It seems like this is a new concept where banks are bailed out, but wait... I want to see us, "tax payers" being bail out. Why not? Instead, we are enduring higher taxes, people are being laid off, retirement plans losing their face value, and the stock market seems to be collapsing.

I disagree with millions of dollars being spent in so much stuff we do not need to reinvent the wheel on. Then, I get more frustrated, when I see so many people depending on Government assistance for everything. The only thing I can think of is - the governement becoming the BIG Brother, what else do we need?

Finally here it is Ben Stein... Again, he is so right about this new bail out concept that so many people are becoming victims of. I agree with him, there is only one way to bail yourself out, YES, DO it YOURSELF!

Here is some good news and some bad news. I'll give you the bad news first.
I …

Advice for Fresh Graduates During Tough Times

These are some good suggestions, being aware of your priorities is always the best way to go. I am just sharing some insight. Take care.

Taken from: Yahoo! Finance
By: Ben Stein

One of the great pleasures of my life is speaking to college and university students. My speeches are rarely political and mostly just the sharing of my experience, strength, and hope, to borrow a famous phrase. Lately I have been speaking a great deal about the economy, about which I know a bit, since I am an economist in real life as well as in movies and on TV. In my youth I also worked on economic policy matters in a small way at the White House.
As you might guess, the main issue today's students have in mind is what they can do in the currently difficult -- very difficult -- job market. What do I recommend to them to trump the problems so many young people are having getting started in the labor market?
Herewith, I offer a few suggestions. These are taken not just from my experience but from what my paren…

A guide for New Immigrants in the United States

I was searching for some information from the Departmen of Homeland Security. Yeah, The Immigration Department in the U.S. You know, my legal side is always working... so, I was reading the new immigrant guide that they have put together in Spanish. This guide helps new immigrants to access local, state and federal services, and shows immigrants about how they can participate in the politics of this great country. It is grammatical correct, which is a difficult thing to do for non-spanish speakers, so I should say they did a marvelous job.

Guia para Nuevos Imigrantes en Los Estados Unidos de America , Version en Espanol

Immigrant Guide, English Version

Please enjoy!