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Credit Card New Legislation

I am posting this article for those people who like finance and those who are working in becoming debt free. Our Priority number one should be: staying informed and being awared of APR ratings in credit cards, or any kind of financing. It is important to know how we are going to be financially able to afford paying back, knowing when, and how to accomplish this in a time frame, I believe is important.

These Rights Don't Come for Free

I think Ben Stein is right on track. I believe that people have to use their brains, and start logically thinking if 1 plus to is 1, then 2 plus to 2 must be 4!

I love this Great Nation, there is no other one like AMERICA. Otherwise, people from all over the nations would be going somewhere else to live, to work, to obtain medical benefits, etc. If America is not good, then why so many people choose to come here instead of EU, Cuba, China, Nicaragua, or Venezuela.

Good Article Ben, I like the title, so I am not changing it.

credits to: Ben Stein and yahoo finance