Wednesday, August 24, 2016

La mejor entrevista a Daniel Estulin con Walter Martínez

Video Credits: Daniel Estulin

Introduction: The Modern Presidency

When you cast your vote this November, this should be something to think about --- who do you want to be the next President, and whether or not you think they are going to follow the intent of the People who chose them into higher office.  You might want to study the role of the Presidency and why is important to choose the right candidate?  Will he/she follow the law? Will he/she protect the American people by following the Constitution or would he/she obey the United Nations Mandates and UN constitution, instead of the American law of the Land - The US Constitution.

Would he/she follow the check and balances in government or would he/she become a dictator or solo practitioner in high office abolishing the two other powers: Judicial and Legislative powers beside the Executive power.  Will he/she let Congress be part of his/her Presidency or would he/she run the Nation as a Tyrant. something to think about....

credits: Hillsdale College Online Courses- Introduction to Modern Presidency.

JFK; Bush; LBJ; Nixon